ENVE launches “No-questions-asked” Lifetime Incident Protection

Range of products, including wheels, covered in new damage replacement policy

ENVE wheel

US road and mountain bike parts and wheels manufacturer ENVE is upping its level of customer service with a new lifetime no-quibble replacement plan for products damaged while riding or from off-bike accidents.


The performance of ENVE’s wheels and products has rarely been damningly criticised — as you’d hope for the often-dizzying price tags commanded by the brand’s performance-orientated carbon fibre offerings. On the other hand, longevity issues have sometimes been an issue, particularly for off-road users.

When pounding carbon rims into rocks on a mountain bike, failures are perhaps to be expected, but this might be a sticking point for riders looking to part ways with serious money (a single rim can cost upwards of £1,000).

However, that worry is now a thing of the past as ENVE introduces a “No-questions-asked” Lifetime Incident Protection scheme.

Rims, forks, handlebars, stems, seatposts and hubs made by ENVE are covered in this new policy that claims to replace products (including ones purchased prior to the announcement) damaged in an on- or off-bike accident.

Whether the breakage occurred while riding, racing or even from driving into a low garage with your bike on the roof of your vehicle, it is covered, ENVE says.

It even promises to keep its word in the most extreme cases, such as “your dog ate your wheel”. In other words, there is no limit to the guarantee — and it is for life.

ENVE says: “While ENVE carbon is engineered to lead the market in strength, durability and ride quality, we do not design products to be indestructible. If you exceed the limits of your product while riding, crashing, or driving your roof mounted bike into the garage – don’t worry, we’ve got your back.”

Cover is only for the original buyer, and ENVE recommends registering proof of purchase on its website at the earliest possible moment to ensure speedy turnaround should the worst happen. In the event of a breakage, the owner must submit a claims form. After that, ENVE covers the cost of parts, labour and return shipping.

The company’s existing five-year Limited Warranty also covers manufacturing defects for that period. This means a buyer is pretty much safe in the knowledge that no matter what the cause, ENVE will replace a broken product.


Sound too good to be true? In offering such service, ENVE is clearly marking itself apart from non-premium brands. It could prove a very smart move.