ENVE rolls out two purpose-built gravel rims

G series rims available for 700c and 650b riders

ENVE just released a pair of new carbon rims for gravel riders. The new G series carbon rims are available in 700c and 650b with rim shapes and internal widths optimized for unpaved adventures.


Prior to the release of these two new rims, ENVE’s ‘gravel’ rim was a repurposed cross-country M525 rim from the company’s mountain bike wheel line. According to ENVE, while the M525 G was light and strong, it left performance gains on the table.

Replacing the M525 G are two rims designed specifically for 700c and 650b use. Shared features of these new rims include the use of ENVE’s 4.5mm-wide, hookless beads, which are designed to work with the rim shape and carbon layup to absorb and dissipate energy during impacts to reduce the likelihood of pinch flatting tires and damaging the rims.

The new G series rims also come with ENVE’s five-year warranty that covers impact damage.

These new 700c and 650b rims are designed with more vertical compliance than ENVE’s mountain bike rims
Ian Matteson


The ENVE G23 is the 700c version. It has an internal width of 23mm and a depth of 25mm. This rim is designed for use with 35–45mm wide tires.

According to ENVE, riders looking for maximum versatility, speed and efficiency will gravitate toward the G23 paired with a 40mm tire.

The G23 has a claimed weight of 330g per rim. The claimed weights for the complete wheelsets with DT Swiss 240 CL and Chris King R45 CL hubs are 1,300g and 1,330g, respectively.


For riders who prefer smaller rims with larger tires, there’s the G27. This 650b wheelset has an internal width of 27mm and a depth of 25mm. The G27 is intended to be paired with 2–2.25in tires.

According to ENVE, Riders who frequent rough and loose terrain, primarily ride dirt, and prioritize traction and stable control over flat-out speed will gravitate towards the G27.

The G27 has a claimed weight of 320g per rim. The claimed weights for the complete wheelsets with DT Swiss 240 CL and Chris King R45 CL hubs are 1,275g and 1,310g, respectively.

ENVE G series pricing and availability

The G23 and G27 wheelsets retail for $2,800 with DT Swiss 240 CL hubs and $2,980 with Chris King R45 CL hubs. Individual rim pricing has yet to be announced. (UK and Australian pricing TBC.)

The G23 and G27 rims are available now for North American customers. The new rims and wheelsets will be available globally by July.


Visit enve.com for more information.