ENVE teams up with Mavic on Speed Release fork and announces SES TT cockpit

Utah carbon experts launch new disc specific fork and TT bar and stem

Carbon expert ENVE has been busy in its shiny new Ogden Utah factory and has just announced two new road products targeted at distinctly different riders.


Speed Release Road Disc Fork

Mavic’s Speed Release combines an open dropout and closed dropout to create a thru-axle quick release of sorts

ENVE’s new Speed Release fork is a disc-specific carbon fork claimed to weigh 445g, with internal hose routeing, clearance for 32c tires and an axle to crown height of just 370mm. But, the part we’re most excited about is the addition of Mavic’s Speed Release thru-axle system.

The biggest advantage to this system is that you don’t have to remove the axle from the hub or make a wheel change

The adoption of thru-axles on road bikes has seen a good deal of resistance due to the old ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ adage. However thru-axles do offer big benefits; they’re safer and not only make the wheel to drop out connection more robust, but also increase end to end stiffness of the bike.

For the most part, as they stand now, thru-axles are a little heavier and generally slower to install than a standard quick release, but Mavic is aiming to change all that with its Speed Release System.

Effectively a thru-axle quick release, the Speed Release System works with any 100mmx12mm thru axle hub, though it requires a Mavic axle and a fork with a threaded dropout on the left (disc side) and an open dropout on the right.

The biggest advantage to this system is that you don’t have to remove the axle from the hub or make a wheel change, just unthread the axle and pop the wheel out of the fork.

The axle is claimed to weigh just 40g, has a built in torque wrench so you won’t over tighten it, and once threaded in the open dropout sits on the slightly larger shoulder of the axle as a fail safe to prevent the wheel from ejecting under braking force.

The Speed Release System will work with any 12mm thru-axle hub, but requires Mavic’s axle and the Speed Release fork, of course

We’ve seen a few other quick thru-bolt designs, like Focus’ RAT and Tune’s QC, but Mavic is offering the Speed Release System to brands to license for free. However, given Mavic and ENVE are now under the Amer Sports umbrella, it’s no surprise to see ENVE as the first to jump on board with its new Speed Release Road Disc Fork.

Available in 43mm and 50mm rake options, the fork is slated to cost $599

SES Aero TT Bar/Stem Combo

The SES base bar’s extensions and pads allow for multiple configurations for the best fit

For time trialist and triathletes ENVE has also announced its new new SES Aero TT cockpit. Developed to be used together, ENVE says both the SES bar and stem underwent extensive development in the wind tunnel to create the best possible aero performance.

The stem is one of ENVE’s few non-carbon products. It’s made from machined aluminium and sees ports that route cables and housing internally, while a structural shroud protects them from the wind and creates what the brand calls an ‘efficient shape.’

The stem allows for cables to be run internally through the stem

With a -27-degree angle, the stem is claimed to weigh 490g and is said to offer the maximum drop without compromising cable routeing and performance. It’s also available as a Team Dimension Data Limited edition and is set to cost $250.

To complete the set, ENVE is also offering multiple configurations for the base bar, arm rests and extensions to allow for the optimal rider specific fit. Claimed to weigh 650g, the bar offers +/- 21mm of drop/rise, +/- 15 degrees of extension angle adjustment, 125mm of pad width adjustment and 75mm of pad height adjustment.


All up, the bar and stem system is claimed to weigh 1,140g and is set to cost $1,150. The bar and stem are also available separately at $250 for the stem and $1,050 for the base bar system.