Eric Barone makes bike speed record attempt aged 52

French daredevil goes for new glacier record in the Alps after horror crash

Eric Barone on the slopes again

Eric Barone has been hitting the snowy French Alps at age 52 in an attempt to break the 222kph (137mph) glacier bike speed record he set in 2000.


He achieved internet notoriety in 2002 when trying to break the gravel bike speed record on a Nicaraguan volcano. His spectacular crash was captured on video, but despite his front fork collapsing at a speed of more than 160kph (100mph) he only suffered some broken ribs and other minor injuries.

Earlier this week he was in Les Arcs, France, trying to break the glacier speed record. Alas, the French daredevil came agonisingly close on Monday but fell 5kph short of the record he set in 2000.

Despite not breaking the record, Barone was pleased to be back on the bike: “I feel a huge sense of relief. I have reached my personal goal. I have been living with the big crash for more than 10 years and today I got some closure at last.”  

As well has holding the on-snow record for a customised bike, Barone also holds the downhill gravel record for a prototype bike, with a speed of 172kph (107mph).

Eric barone in action

Video: Eric Barone in action