e*thirteen 2015 range

Chainguide updates, new tubeless products, lighter wheelsets

Component maker e*thirteen has made several key updates to several of its most popular chainguides, adding a host of refinements to make them more rider-friendly.


The company has also developed a tubeless kit and, quite literally, shaved weight from its TRS wheelsets.

Updated chainguides

The new TRS+ SingleGuide and updated LG1+ chainguides usher in long overdue updates to e*thirteen’s 1x-specific product line.The two guides have the same upper guide, the differentiating feature being the presence of a redesigned lower profile roller guide on the LG1+. The lower LG1+ guide now bolts in place with two T25 bolts, so riders can and or subtract it as needed.

The lower guide on the lg1+ is now removable:
Josh Patterson / Immediate Media

A new removable lower roller on the LG1+

The company has moved to a solvent-resistant polycarbonate, so there should be no issues using it with whatever your preferred chainlube happens to be. Furthermore, e*thirteen took feedback from its sponsored racers, many of whom were adding bits of tape and single sides of adhesive Velcro strips to the inside of the upper to silence chainslap, and added a softer, rubberised compound to the upper guide to make them run quieter.

e*thirteen has also widened the range of chainring compatibility for its guides (previous iterations of the TRS guide came in a version for 28-32t chainrings and another for 33-38t rings), access to the chainring and crank has been significantly improved.

Perhaps the most user-friendly feature incorporated into the new guides is a hinged clamp that allows the outer portion of the upper guide to swing open, making it easier to swap chainrings as needed.

Innovative tubeless kit

In addition to revamping chainguides, e*thirteen has also developed a tubeless kit, complete with valve stems, tape and sealant. Rather than just buying an off-the-shelf valve stem, the company sought to improve the design by adding a hole for a 3mm hex key to the inside of the valve to tighten it down.

The diameter of the interior of the valve was increased to improve airflow when seating tubeless tyres with a floor pump. As for the sealant, it’s called Tire Plasma and uses what the company is calling oxyplatelets to seal punctures.

Not one to be content with the status quo, e*thirteen added a 3mm hex port to tighten the valve and increased its internal diameter to make it easier to seat tubeless tires with a floor pump :
Josh Patterson / Immediate Media

The valve core is also removable, in case user needs to further increase the airflow, or need to clean out dried sealant

Lighter wheelsets

e*thirteen’s lightweight TRS wheelsets get a rework for 2015 as well. The company is now strategically shaving excess material from the rim, somewhat similar to Mavic’s approach, in order to keep rotating weight to the absolute minimum.

The updated trs rims have material shaved to save grams:
Josh Patterson / Immediate Media

Note that the eyelets for the driveside spokes, which are under the most tension, are by-passed in e*thirteen’s new milling process


Weights, pricing and availability are all TBA.