E*thirteen LG1 Tr chain guide – Just in

Lightweight trail guide without bash protection

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With carbon trail bikes reaching weights in the mid-20lbs and the advent of wide-range 10-speed drivetrains, many mountain bikers – especially those riding burlier terrain – want the simplicity of a 1×10 drivetrain. However, chain management can be an issue, especially once you get into the 150mm travel range.

Enter e*thirteen’s new LG1Tr chain guide; it’s made just for this scenario, and sports a 117g weight (on our scale) worthy of any light trail bike. Priced at US$129.95, the LG1Tr uses the top guide from the LG1+ and the lower roller assembly of the LS1+, but mounts them to a lightweight 6061-T6 alloy frame, sans bash guard.

The lg1+ inspired top guide:
Matt Pacocha

The LG1+ inspired top guide

The guide offers 33- to 38-tooth chainring compatibility and ISCG05, OLD and bottom bracket mount options, along with three positions for the lower pulley arm in order to fit different chainstay designs.

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Add roughly 10g to the weight of the guide for the bolts and spacing hardware to affix it to a bike and it’s still less than 130g – roughly the same as a standard front derailleur. We’ll mount up our sample LG1Tr later this week, with a full report to come, but if it manages a chain as well as previous LG1s we’ve used, this light guide will do its job, and do it well.