E*thirteen shows off new LG1 downhill tyres and 170mm TRS+ dropper post

29in and 27.5in downhill-ready trail tyres

We’ve been impressed with the awesome grip offered by e*thirteen’s TRS trail tyres in the past, so it’s no surprise to see a downhill version being rolled out.


The LG1 uses the same tread pattern and super-soft compounds, just with a tougher, stiffer dual-ply casing. The interesting thing about these downhill tyres is that they’ll be available in 29in and 27.5in wheel sizes, with downhill-ready claimed weights of 1,119g and 1,162g respectively.

Does this suggest e*thirteen believes that 29er downhill bikes will soon make up a significant part of the market? Or is this merely recognition of the fact that many enduro riders are demanding downhill rubber whatever their wheel size?

It’s basically a reinforced TRS tyre. That sounds like quite a grippy recipe to me
Rupert Fowler

There’ll be a soft-compound LG1+ and an even-softer LG1r. The r stands for “race” while the plus stands for… well, I’m not really sure. These 2.35in tyres aren’t exactly fatties, but the prices could fairly be described as “plus-sized”…

  • LG1r (race): £72 / €75 / $70
  • LG1+ (plus): £60 / €65 / $60

e*thirteen 170mm travel TRS+ dropper post

Tall riders who are handy with spanners may want to take a look at this 170mm travel TRS+ seatpost
Rupert Fowler

In other news, e*thirteen will be offering a 170mm travel version of its fully-self-serviceable dropper post, the TRS+. We’ll be testing it over the next few months and will, of course, let you know exactly how it fares.


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