Eurobike 2010: Ghost E-Ndure electric mountain bike

Definitely not a motocross bike

As well as showing off their massive range of commuting, road and ‘regular’ mountain bikes at last week’s Eurobike trade show, Ghost were also displaying their latest off-road e-bike, the E-Ndure.


Restricted to 25km/h, the silver E-Ndure Evo 2 seen here is the second version of the bike, with production versions expected at the back-end of 2011.

Ghost are keen to stress that this is a mountain bike with an electric motor, rather than a lightweight, electric-powered motocross bike.

Weighing in at a claimed 26kg (57lb), the Evo 2 is clearly aimed at the enduro/freeride market with its 160mm RockShox Lyrik travel-adjust fork, Vivid Air shock and 1×9 gearing. 

While it’s no lightweight, Ghost say that because the electric drive system is positioned low and centrally in the frame, the extra 8-10kg isn’t that noticeable when you’re bombing downhill.

E-Ndure evo 2 motor: e-ndure evo 2 motor
Matthew Cole/BikeRadar

The motor is located in the oversized bottom bracket shell, with the battery in the down tube

The power button on the bars offers three modes with varying degrees of power, and ride details include speed, distance travelled and battery life are displayed on the bar-mounted computer.

If the battery dies, the E-Ndure Evo will apparently still be rideable. In fact, you’ll be able to remove the battery and ride it like a normal bike. Pricing and availability are still to be confirmed. A hardtail version is in the pipeline, too.

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E-Ndure evo 2 rear end detail: e-ndure evo 2 rear end detail
Matthew Cole/BikeRadar

A RockShox Vivid Air shock provides the rear bounce, with a Rohloff hub taking care of shifting duties