Eurobike 2011: Syntace’s new carbon post with built-in flex

FullCarbon HiFlex uses proven P6 head

Syntace P6 Full Carbon HiFlex seatpost

Carbon fibre road seatposts are increasingly being built with an emphasis on comfort as well as light weight. The best exponents of this technology so far are Storck, with their clever Comfort and Ultra Comfort posts, which feature a carbon layup designed to flex under load, and Canyon, with their VCLS post, which adds basalt fibre but acts in much the same way, if anything offering even more movement (depending on rider weight).


Syntace are now entering the fray with their P6 FullCarbon HiFlex. A combination of uni-directional and load-orientated fibres is said to allow the post to flex fore and aft but not side to side, smoothing out the ride over coarse surfaces while keeping your body in line with the bike.

The HiFlex is based on Syntace’s brilliant P6 post, which features one of the most minimal, easy-to-use and adaptable heads of any post we’ve seen here at BikeRadar. The two-bolt clamp with its angular fitment allows the top part to remain both narrow and short, while the triangulated bottom section offers plenty of surface area support below. This bottom triangular shaped piece can be flipped to alter the layback of the saddle, offering an alternative position for time trials or triathlons.


While both the Storck and Canyon posts have proven successful, their limiting factor is sizing, with Storck only offering their posts in 31.6mm diameters and Canyon in 27.2mm. Syntace, however, offer the HiFlex in four diameters – 27.2, 30.9, 31.6 and 34.9mm – and three different lengths – 300, 400 and 480mm (with a minimum 90mm insert). As with all Syntace products, the post is backed up with a 10-year guarantee. Prices start at €178.