Eurobike: Troy Lee unveil Steve Peat edition D3 helmet

Plus other full-face lids and clothing

Troy Lee Designs unveiled the D3, the successor to the phenomenally popular D2 full-face helmet, at this year’s Eurobike show.


After much work by the company’s development team, the new lid was put through its paces by pro downhill riders like Specialized’s Sam Hill and Brendan Fairclough.

Improvements over the D2 include venting in the front trim of the helmet which channels air directly to the rider’s head and new cheek pads, designed so they can be easily removed in the event of a crash. It will be available to buy in November.

As well as the models mere mortals will be able to get their hands on for around $450 (£270 at today’s exchange rate, but UK prices are likely to be higher), Troy Lee also showed off the custom version made for newly crowned world downhill champion Steve Peat.

With his baby:
Matthew Cole/BikeRadar

Troy Lee himself poses with the new D3 Steve Peat full-face helmet

With input from the man himself, the helmet has a pub-based theme with a dartboard, pool balls and other drinking-related paraphenalia.

Dart board : dart board
Matthew Cole/BikeRadar
Peat’s signature: peat’s signature
Matthew Cole/BikeRadar

Troy Lee’s signature on the back of Peat’s helmet

Australian downhill rider Sam Hill also has a custom model, and according to Troy Lee, three new available-to-the-public models will be released in the spring of 2010.

Sam hill’s signature d3 helmet: sam hill’s signature d3 helmet
Matthew Cole/BikeRadar

Sam Hill’s special edition of the D3

Love hate helmet: love hate helmet
Matthew Cole/BikeRadar

2010 Air Helmet Love/Hate

Troy Lee also had some new clothing on their stand, including some eye-catching riding jerseys.

Black and white jersey detail: black and white jersey detail
Matthew Cole/BikeRadar

Watch out for this black and white number on the trails

Convict jersey: convict jersey
Matthew Cole/BikeRadar

It’ll be hard to miss this one

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