EVOC updates Bike Travel Bag

New design is lighter with improved features

EVOC has updated its popular travel bag. The Bike Travel Bag Pro builds on the success of Evoc’s original design, which was introduced in 2008.


The company claims the updated bag is lighter, sturdier and includes a host of features intended to make flying with your bike a much more user-friendly experience.

The straps used to hold the frame in place are now red, making them easier to locate :
Josh Patterson / Immediate Media

EVOC’s popular bike travel bag gets a refresh for 2015

EVOC added a single-piece moulded plastic, bathtub-style bottom with tubular aluminium rails that run along the underside of the chassis to provide reinforcement. The Bike Travel Bag Pro has a claimed weight of 8kg, about 600g less than the original.

External dimensions for the Bike Travel Bag Pro are 135x80x36cm, which is approximately 2cm narrower than the previous design.

In addition to shaving grams and bolstering stiffness, EVOC refined the bag’s design. The Bike Travel Bag Pro has larger diameter wheels for smoother rolling. An aluminium handle has been added that doubles as a mount for a clip-on front wheel, allowing the entire bag to be rolled, rather than pulled — a welcome addition for transporting the fully-loaded bag through airports.

Velcro straps, used to secure the frame, are now red, making them easier to locate within the bag’s interior. The wheel compartments have been refined with extra padding on the exterior of the compartment to stop rotors being bent in transport.


The Bike Travel Bag Pro will be available in March 2915, priced at €490. US, UK and Australian pricing is TBA