Exclusive: Atherton signature edition riding shoes

Not available to buy... yet

Shimano-sponsored downhill mountain bike racers the Athertons have been working with Shimano offshoot Pro to design a new line of components.


Up until now, the Athertons have used Shimano’s MP66 and AM40 shoes, but they wanted something more specific to their requirements – so the big S obliged and have made these Atherton signature edition SPD shoes.

With input from Gee, Dan and Rachel, the shoes have plenty of ventilation holes, feature the team’s light blue colour on the sole and have the Atherton Racing boy-boy-girl symbols on the toe box.


If they go into production they’ll be available in Easter 2010 – but there are no signs that this is a dead cert.

boy-boy-girl symbol: boy-boy-girl symbol
Matthew Cole/BikeRadar