Exclusive: Behind the scenes of Philips’ stunning Darklight film

Logistical nightmares, sleep deprivation... and a rattlesnake bite

Philips recently released Darklight, a seven-minute movie promoting its latest ambient lighting TV, and it’s a clip that stands as a benchmark mountain bike flick in its own right. If you’ve not yet seen it then it’s time you caught up.


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Now, we’d have never have assumed that putting together seven minutes of unique, LED-lit mountain bike footage would be an easy task, but it wasn’t until we were shown this behind-the-scenes footage that we understood what the 30-person film crew had to deal with.


Throughout filming, the crew behind Darklight had to lug about six tons of equipment in and out of two near-inaccessible areas. Now, factor in the sleep deprivation that 38 nights of filming brings, and the moment when one of Specialized’s athletes was bitten by a rattlesnake, and you’ll start to get the picture. Enjoy.

Darklight behind the scenes – brought to you by philips ambilight tv