Exclusive Lance Armstrong interview on Cyclingnews

"My generation was no different than any other," Armstrong says

Lance Armstrong

In an exclusive interview with Cyclingnews, Lance Armstrong spoke to the cycling press for the first time since confessing that he doped to win the Tour de France.


“My generation was no different than any other,” Armstrong told Cyclingnews’ Daniel Benson. “The ‘help’ has evolved over the years but the fact remains that our sport is damn hard, the Tour was invented as a ‘stunt, and very tough mother f**kers have competed for a century and all looked for advantages. From hopping on trains a 100 years ago to EPO now. No generation was exempt or ‘clean’. Not Merckx’s, not Hinault’s, not LeMond’s, not Coppi’s, not Gimondi’s, not Indurain’s, not Anquetil’s, not Bartali’s, and not mine.”

Armstrong shares his thoughts about a possible Truth and Reconciliation Commission, his derogatory view of the UCI, and how he feels about his current situation: “We all make the beds we sleep in.”


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