Exclusive video: World’s first superman tailwhip flip

MBUK magazine exclusive!

Danny Pace on his way to a Superman Tail whip Flip

On a crazy summer’s day Mountain Biking UK photoshoot with the cream of the crop from the UK’s dirt-jumping scene, some very special tricks were conceived.


Sam Pilgrim dialled in frontflip X-ups and frontflip tabletops, Jim Davage practised un-turndowns on a shopping bike and Welsh lunatic and Action Man impersonator Danny Pace attempted the elusive superman tailwhip backflip.

After more hard crashes than a human being should be able to take, the iron man of dirt jumping, who recently signed for Identiti and Gusset, pulled off this insane trick – but you’ll have to wait a while to see the video of him landing it. Instead here’s a little teaser before he managed to nail it.

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The full story will be in MBUK 243, on sale on 23 September 2009.