F3 expands FormMount range to let you mount your phone

Magnetic stem cap phone mount to be launched on Kickstarter soon

The F3 FormMount for cycling computers was a runaway success on Kickstarter, and now F3 is launching a second product, the FormMount Phone.


F3 claims to have solved the problems of other phone mounts, which can be either too clunky or not secure enough. The mount holds your device in place using four strong neodymium magnets, which interact with a mounting plate attached to your phone.

The mounting plate has four bumps which interlock with four half-dome ‘ramps’ on the bike mount. To detach a phone from the mount you rotate it, which causes the ramps to push it up and overcome the force of the magnets, making it easier to remove.

The symmetrical design means you can attach your phone in either portrait or landscape orientation.

The magnetic mounting system uses four strong neodymium magnets
Courtesy of F3

F3 recommends you fit the phone mounting plate to a flat plastic case — the 3M adhesive of the mating piece will bond permanently to it to ensure a secure fit.

The mount requires a corresponding piece to be attached to your phone case
Courtesy of F3

F3 will also include an optional tether with the mount which can be attached to your bars for extra security if you want to use it.

The mount fits as a replacement for your stem top cap and the angle can be adjusted as desired, freeing up space on your bars too.

The top cap mounted piece lets you adjust the angle of your phone
Courtesy of F3

The FormMount Phone looks like it will be a neat solution to having your phone visible while riding.


The Kickstarter campaign launched on 17 April and you can visit F3’s website for more information.