Fabien Barel and Kona part company

Frenchman to join new team, Team Subaru

After five years, two world championships, several world cup victories and podiums, Frenchman Fabien Barel is leaving Kona to join new team, Team Subaru.


“We all know what racing is about and how every detail is important,” said Barel in a statement. “Having the support of a company is a big part of it! For the last five years, Kona has been the reservoir of inspiration for my riding and my motivation.”

Kona’s Jacob Helibron said, “Fabien exemplifies what it takes to be a championship rider. It has been a pleasure for all of us at Kona to observe his meticulous attention to detail in his training, pre-race preparation and equipment.”

Kona are producing a limited run of Special Edition Fabien Barel signature Stab Supreme to mark Barel’s Kona career. The bike is ball burnished and highlighted with world champion stripes and Fabien Barel’s name on the top tube.


We don’t know any further details about Team Subaru at this point – but will bring you the latest news when we have it.