Fabien Barel to ride Mondraker

Team Subaru ride Spanish wheels

Following his departure from team Kona, Fabien Barel and the rest of Team Subaru will be riding Mondraker bikes in the new racing season. Mondraker are a young Spanish company with a real motivation for downhill racing. 


Created in 2000 in Alicante, the marketing base of the brand is Freeride and Downhill but their product line covers all MTB disciplines. The KAISER (downhill bike) was developed in 2006, and will be the frame that the team uses in 2008. The brand will adapt the bike to suit the needs of this new team. 

Testing began at the start of December and the results look promising. The riders (Fabien Barel, Florent Payet and Damien Spagnolo) were pleased with the outcome, especially with the handling of the Mondraker. 


To learn more about Mondraker, go to their website.