Fabric launches funky new pumps, saddles, lights and more for 2018

Updates also see products get lighter, cheaper and cooler

We’re at Fabric’s 2018 product launch as part of the run up to the first UK edition of the Grinduro — a unique gravel-enduro event that’s been transplanted from sunny California for the considerably less sunny Isle of Arran on the west coast of Scotland.


While there are the expected additions to the brand’s long-standing line of saddles and pumps, a handful of new products present an interesting new direction for Fabric.

Fabric Scoop Sport

The Scoop Sport is priced at a point where trying out the saddle is unlikely to be a barrier to the unconverted
Jack Luke / Immediate Media

The Scoop Sport is a new addition to the Fabric saddle lineup, and while definitely not one of the sexier products the brand had on show, is among the most interesting.

The saddle uses a polypropylene base in lieu of pricer nylon
Jack Luke / Immediate Media

The saddle shares the same vacuum-bonded construction used in Fabric’s higher end models, but uses a polypropylene base — in lieu of the slightly pricier nylon used in its other saddles — and steel rails to keep the price point comparable to the legendary Charge Spoon.

Fabric decided to bring this saddle to market in an aim to get more riders on its saddles, with the assumption that riders will want replace their existing saddles once perched upon its… perches.

  • £29.99 / €39.90

Fabric Lumacell front/rear light

These new lights see the ‘shell’ injection moulded around the internals, completely sealing them from the elements
Jack Luke / Immediate Media

These nifty day-running lights are a new addition to the range and are quite unique in their construction, with the fully waterproof ‘shell’ injection moulded around the internals as the very last step in the production process, keeping things incredibly well sealed. 

Illumination is provided via a strip of 30 lumen COB LEDs, which are claimed to have an 180-degree range of visibility. As you would expect of a modern rechargeable light, these are charged directly via USB.

The lights are sold individually for £17.49 / €24.90 or as a pair for £34.99 / €44.90.

Fabric Accubar inline gauge

This nifty inline gauge is designed to work at pressures between 0-40psi
Jack Luke / Immediate Media

We’re particularly fond of this funky inline pressure gauge.

The gauge was specced specifically for Fabric — built with a high-quality spring steel that is said to be better than anything used in the majority of pressure gauges — and is optimised to work best between pressures of 0–40psi, so appears to be ideal for obsessive mountain bikers and worried gravelistas.

The gauge is built around super high quality internals
Jack Luke / Immediate Media

Fabric claims that this gauge is far more accurate than the majority of consumer models on the market and will work with any Schrader compatible pump.

The gauge can also be used independently, automatically dumping the pressure in a tyre to 40psi with a bleed port used for fine adjustments.

  • £44.99 / €44.90

Fabric Picobar minipump

The new Picobar must be as small as a pump can actually be
Jack Luke / Immediate Media

The Picobar is Fabric’s new super-stripped-down, ultra-light minipump.

Weighing in at a paltry 64g, this minimalist pump is designed to be shoved in a jersey pocket or saddlebag and forgotten about until you actually need it.