Factor’s Slick adds slippery storage for triathletes

Updated TT bike gets tri-specific features

Factor has launched the latest version of its Slick TT machine, which now includes some tri-specific features for riders who like to sandwich their cycling between bouts of swimming and running.


We got a good look at the Slick at last year’s Paris-Nice where it was being ridden in the TT by AG2R, and the latest version gets Factor’s carbon StoraPak, a box that attaches to the back of the seat tube and which claims to come with no aero penalty, along with bosses on the top tube for a bento box and a BTA mount on the cockpit for a bottle cage.

The latest Slick adds the StoraPak storage box, which attaches to the seat tube
Factor Bikes
The StoraPak has space for two tubes, tyre levers, a CO2 inflator with two cartridges, as well as a small multi-tool. The Slick is an aero-everything machine, with virtually every element of the frame and finishing kit having an aerodynamic cross-section.

Its most distinctive feature is the Twin Vane Evo split down tube, as seen on the Factor ONE, which is designed to optimise airflow without compromising on stiffness.

The Slick’s most distinctive feature is this radical split down tube
Factor Bikes
At the same time, a front brake that’s integrated with the fork saves watts up front, while the Wide Stance fork and seatstays let air flow through the bike, rather than just around it. They also offer clearance for 28mm tyres.Interestingly, the front derailleur mount is removable, making a super clear 1x setup a possibility — one that makes a lot of sense for flatter courses.

The Slick is designed to be adaptable to the needs of a wide range of riders, with both zero setback and offset seatposts available, along with 0 and 40mm stem stack options.

There are three aero extension options for the Slick, this one is the Ultimate
Factor Bikes

The cockpit assembly comes courtesy of fit specialists 51 Speedshop, and it offers three different bar extension choices along with a bewildering array of adjustments.


The Slick is available now as a ‘chassis’ for £5,000 / $6,300 / AU$8,595 which includes a frameset, cockpit, seatpost, headset and bottom bracket or a ‘rolling chassis’ for £6,550 / $8,100 / AU$9,995 which adds wheels on top.