Fancy an old-school speedometer for your new-school ride?

Classic design, cutting-edge tech from OMATA

It’s hard to beat old-school analogue displays when it comes to easy-to-read ways of displaying info. Reminiscent of the speedos on classic cars, the OMATA One speedometer puts cutting-edge GPS technology within a stylish, vintage display, and is now live on Kickstarter. 


Featuring a display which shows speed, distance, ascent and time, the OMATA One translates digital GPS computer data into an analogue function using a custom mechanical assembly the company developed in partnership with watchmakers Seiko Precision Inc. 

The information is also recorded and can be downloaded to the training and recording application of your choice, which includes Strava and Training Peaks. 

Although the display only shows those four aforementioned metrics, the device will also record KOMs/QOMs, personal records and goals, and can export data in GPX format. Post-launch the company will work on direct pairing and integration with mobile applications. 

The omata one is the first device by new cycling product design company omata:

A statement

“The OMATA One is as much a statement on the nature of modern product design and technology, as it is a statement on the essential character of cycling” said Rhys Newman, one of the founders of OMATA. 

The company also boasts a high profile ambassador – none other than Spartacus himself, Trek-Segafredo rider Fabian Cancellara. 

The aesthetics of the OMATA One go beyond the simple display: the company has also designed their own bespoke numerals. Named OMATA Numeral Regular, the font is designed to have “clarity, openness and a slightly digital character”.

OMATA state that the One has ‘impressive battery life’, lasting for around 24 hours, is powered by a LiPo 3.7V battery and is USB rechargeable. The included mount holds the OMATA One out in front of the bars, in a similar fashion to Garmin mounts, and can be attached using an Allen key. 

The device attaches with a simple bracket to the handlebars:

‘Pure, inspiring and beautiful’

The OMATA One is the first product by the new company, which was founded by a team of designers, engineers and design specialists who previously worked at mobile phone company Nokia. 

The company has a very specific approach to design and cycling, stating that “everything about your bike should be as pure, inspiring and beautiful as the ride itself. We are a team of ruthlessly dedicated and committed product makers who believe great design and meaningful products come more from what you leave out, rather than what you add in.”

The product is currently available through Kickstarter, with the first orders likely to be fulfilled by February 2017. Kickstarter funders will be able to choose between a white or grey faced display within the black aluminium casing, and a display showing either miles or kilometres. 

Ride with Fabian

OMATA state the product will weigh in at 72 grams, with a further 25 grams for the mount. After the Kickstarter campaign has ceased, the product will be available via the OMATA website.

Via Kickstarter, the OMATA One is available for a pledge of $499, with 200 available in the first instance. For $3,000 you get your own OMATA One and the opportunity to ride in the Santa Monica Mountains, USA, with the OMATA ambassador Fabian Cancellara and OMATA founders Rhys Newman, Julian Bleecker and Michael Halbherr, including a pre-ride breakfast and post-ride private dinner – though you will have to cover your own flights. This ‘Founders and Fabian Fondo’ pledge package is provisionally scheduled for February 2017 and there are 20 pledges available.

Or if you don’t want to fork out quite that much but do want to show your support, for $40 you get the ‘Friends of OMATA’ pack, which includes a cycling cap, stickers and regular project updates. Post-Kickstarter, the OMATA One is expected on sale for a retail price of $599. 


Do you think the OMATA One is hipster silliness, or old-school cool? Let us know in the comments below.