FFWD F4R wheels updated for 2013

Carbon tubulars get increased 45mm rim depths

FFWD have updated their F4R wheels for 2013, with a greater rim depth now on offer. The 45mm-deep rims on the carbon tubulars have increased from 38mm, but FFWD claim to have maintained a 1,250g weight for the pair.


The rims use FFWD’s ‘Darc’ profile (also available on their F6 wheels). Standing for ‘Double Arc’, this creates a blanket of compressed air on the rims, which decreases drag. 

Full 45mm-deep carbon clinchers and alloy tubulars are also available, while the cheaper alloy clinchers stay with the 38mm depth. There are two graphics options, with white or white/red logos.

BikeRadar rode a set at FFWD’s Mallorca press camp with an own-brand, three-pawled hub. Other options are FFWD hubs with ceramic bearings, as well as the DT Swiss 240s and 180s. 

Out on the road, the stiff wheels held their speed well, with the carbon construction and tubular tyres providing a comfortable ride. Their low weight aided climbing, but the depth of the rims was definitely noticeable in side winds.

FFWD F4R carbon tubular wheels cost £1,060/US$1,749. For more information see www.ffwdwheels.com.

The 45mm-deep rims come with either white or red/white graphics:
Tom Marvin/Future Publishing

The 45mm-deep rims come with either white or red/white graphics