Find the bottom bracket you need in three easy steps

FSA solves BB compatibility woes with new bottom bracket finder

Have you ever cursed the cycling industry for the seemingly endless number of bottom bracket standards? If so, you’re not alone. FSA is attempting to ease the pain of these competing standards with a new website that helps riders find the bottom bracket they need in three easy steps.


The address is, the process is painless, and it’s definitely worth bookmarking. Think of it as an online dating site for bottom brackets. 


First, choose between road or mountain, then select the bottom bracket shell diameter and width from two drop-down windows, and finally pick your crankset standard. Once you’ve entered this information, the site provides the bottom bracket you need (an FSA version, as you may have guessed) along with any adapters that may also be required.

The site crunches the data and spits out the bottom bracket and any adapters you need to get rolling