Fire up the tape deck and crank up some Whitesnake because the Burner is back

Raleigh is reviving the Burner for a limited run of 350 bikes

The Raleigh Burner was the UK brand’s first BMX offering and as they put it: “It’s safe to say the Raleigh Burner is one of the most iconic bikes to hit the market.”


First launched in 1982, the Burner had 16-inch wheels, a 10-inch chrome frame, rear pegs and the distinct eighties’ Rad Pads that set it apart from its competitors.

The bike was discontinued in 1988, but original Burners are coveted by BMX riders and collectors alike.

The UK brand is set to release 350 Team Aero Pro Burners

To celebrate the 35th anniversary of the Burner, the brand is making 350 limited edition Team Aero Pro Burners — the originals being some of the most sought after and rare of the range.

The 35th Anniversary edition Burners will be made as close as possible to the original spec using a TANGE-made frame and fork, Skyway Tuff2 wheels and other period specific components.


Raleigh is currently taking ‘pre-registrations’ for the bike’s launch, so if you were a kid in the eighties and Santa didn’t bring you a Burner now is your chance.