First Garmin MTB Days winner revealed at BikeRadar Live

Matthew Page wins bike, GPS and a weekend ride

BikeRadar Live was more than just a weekend of cycling fun in the sun for Matthew Page, the winner of the first Garmin MTB Day.


By posting the fastest time on a section of the purpose-built mountain bike demo course at Donington Park, Matthew won a Commencal Super 4.1 bike worth £2,499, a choice of Garmin units and a weekend ride with the Garmin Academy.

In the process, he beat the time set on the course by British downhill superstar Steve Peat – 3min 53sec – by a full 18 seconds.

The 24-year-old, from Brechfa, Wales, said: “The course was mostly downhill with lots of tight and twisty corners and off-camber sections. Riders were kitted out with a Garmin Edge 705 and using the Virtual Partner you were able to see how well you were doing compared to Steve’s time.

“I gave it my best shot, trying to be as smooth as possible around the corners which is where I felt time would be gained or lost. At the finishing board I glanced down and looked at the final time: 3min 37sec. A full 18 seconds faster than Steve Peat and I was also the only person who beat him!

“The prize for winning was rather special: a top-of-the-range bike, a Garmin Oregon or Edge 705 and a weekend riding with Steve himself, which should be fantastic!”

Peat met Matt at BikeRadar Live to congratulate him. He said: “The Garmin loop wasn’t easy at all – it was off camber and technical in the wooded sections, and really loose under the wheel – so to get a time of 3.35 was immense. Matt did really well and deserves his place on the Garmin MTB academy.”

A spokesman for Garmin said: “To have our first academy member beat Steve Peat by 18 seconds was amazing. We’re looking forward to the next academy try-out at Coed-y Brenin on 28 June.”

There are three more Garmin MTB Days, at Coed-y Brenin (28 June), Glentress (26 July) and Queen Elizabeth Park (16 August). You don’t have to do each one, but the more you do, the greater your chances of winning. Want to know more? Head over to for details of the competition.

Click here for the Garmin Connect data on Peat’s lap and click here for Matt’s winning run.

Garmin competition winner matthew page with his winning time: garmin competition winner matthew page with his winning time
James Costley-White/BikeRadar

See below for some video footage of the lap:

Garmin mtb day 1