First look: iHome bike speaker for iPods

Canister-style speaker comes with remote

The universal proliferation of Apple iPod mp3 players has spawned thousands of portable listening devices, among them the bicycle-friendly US$59 iHome iH85B canister-style iPod speaker with a handlebar-mounted wireless remote control.


The iH85B is waterproof, and sits snuggly in a custom water bottle cage mounted on the down tube. The speaker is built into the top of the unit. A slight twist of the top, midway down, separates the unit to allow the user to dock the iPod.

The polycarbonate speaker weighs 1lb 10oz with four AA batteries and an iPod enclosed, while the disk-shaped remote control (which includes two CR2032 batteries) and bar mount weigh 1.9oz.

A wireless remote mounts to the handlebar and weighs a mere 1.9oz.: a wireless remote mounts to the handlebar and weighs a mere 1.9oz.
Gary Boulanger

The manufacturer says the iH85B speaker is not compatible with the smaller iPod Shuffle, nor are iPod Touch or iPhones recommended for use. All other iPods and Nanos are compatible, and a modified dock is included.

The unit is 9.4in long x 3.2in in diameter, and comes with a padded carrying case with shoulder strap. An AC plug-in adaptor to keep the iPod fully charged within the unit is also included.


We received our test sample the same day we uploaded our favourite Muse songs, so our riding buddies will be subjected to them for days as we test the speaker. For more information, visit