First look: Indicator jersey and wireless control centre

Hi-tech bike gear from Taiwan's First Bicycle Components

Taiwanese company First Bicycle Components have come up with two intriguing new products for 2010 – a cycling jersey with built in indicators and a bar-mounted device that combines a headlight, electronic positioning system, bike computer and MP3 player.


MAGPIE Wireless Indicator Apparel

First’s main focus is on cranksets, bottom brackets and headsets, but they’re expanding into the clothing and lighting markets with their new MAGPIE line. This is still at prototype stage at the moment but is set to be launched to the public at the Taipei Cycle Show in March 2010. 

It basically consists of a pair of arrow shaped indicators attached to the back of a jersey. The lights are controlled wirelessly using a bar-mounted switch, and can be removed when it’s time to wash the jersey.

It remains to be seen whether you’ll be able to buy the indicators seperately so you can attach them to your own jersey or jacket.

MAGPIE navigator wireless headlight:
First Bicycle Components

 MAGPIE Navigator wireless headlight

Another product in the development stages is this bar-mounted control centre, which integrates many of the devices that clutter up riders’ handlebars into one unit.

It combines a powerful HID headlight with an electronic positioning system, computer and MP3 player, so you can see where you’re going, track your position, speed and trip time, count the calories you’re burning, and listen to music as you ride.


It’s rechargeable, and comes with a wireless rear brake light that has left and right indicators. Price will be confirmed once it reaches production.

MAGPIE navigator wireless headlight : magpie navigator wireless headlight
First Bicycle Components