First look: Morvelo Bicycle Apparel

'Casual clothing for those who love to ride'

Morvelo are a new bike clothing brand based in Brighton, England, and we reckon their colourful T-shirts will appeal to a wide range of riders.


All the tees feature limited edition designs that are hand-printed onto 100 percent combed cotton shirts.

They range from a Woodstock-inspired design and logo T-shirts, which should appeal to mountain bikers, to more roadie-biased designs featuring the slogans ‘Super Domestique’ and ‘Attack of the Pack!’.

Also available from will be team issue jerseys, cycling caps, gilets, and arm and knee warmers, not to mention pin badges and stickers, and even custom-etched Exposure lights.

Co-founder Oli Pepper told BikeRadar the aim was to produce a range of good-looking kit that wasn’t too ‘bike geeky’. He said: “The idea was to appeal to all cyclists and not just be a mountain bike brand or a road or track brand. We’re wanting to celebrate all cycling. As long as it’s got two wheels and you can pedal it, it’s all good!

“Me and my co-founder Dave are both graphic designers by trade and we’re trying to fuse that with our interest in bikes. We want to use our graphic design experience, bike culture and pop culture, and blend it together. The idea is to design more T-shirts and kit, and just bring a bit more creativity to it.”

Morvelo woodstock:

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