First look: Outlier Merino Hoodie

Made in New York for year-round use

New York fashionistas Outlier have reissued their popular US$225 Merino Hoodie.


“No fibre reacts to changing situations the way Merino does,” Outlier’s Tyler Clemens told BikeRadar. “Cools you as you heat up, warms you as you cool down. It wicks sweat away from your body, yet retains its insulation abilities when wet, and all the while it never stinks of BO the way cotton and polyester do.”

Originally introduced in March 2009, the Outlier Merino Hoodie has a hood that can be used over or under a helmet, and comes in Charcoal Blue, Black and Mid-Gray. We tested a pair of the Outlier 4Season pants late last year.

Made in New York, with sizes including XS, S, M. L and XL.


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