First Look: Pedro’s Trixie tool

A handy dandy for your fixie

Massachusetts-based Pedro’s is celebrating 20 years in business, and as the company expanded from bicycle lubricants to tools, it was inevitable that a fixed-gear tool was in the works. The US$29 Trixie tool reflects much of what Pedro’s has strived for since 1989: bicycle care simplicity.


The 99g laser-cut, hardened steel tool measures 7-3/8-inches long by less than a 1/4 inch thick. Chief uses include track cog lockring removal and tightening, 15mm axle nut adjusting, and the occasional 5mm hex nut fettling. Like most tools made for messengers (remember the Surly Jethro Tool?), there’s a bottle opener as well. A curious cascading/stepped cut-out handles 10/9/8mm duties, and wingnutted hardware is included to attach the tool to your frame’s water bottle bosses.

The 99g, us$29 pedro’s trixie tool.: the 99g, us$29 pedro’s trixie tool.
Gary Boulanger

All told, a nifty, useable and handy tool worth considering. Might even be good to use to defend oneself in really gnarly downtown traffic…


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