First look: Ritchey Superlogic bars and seatpost

Lightweight and pricey

Ritchey have unveiled the latest versions of their top-end SuperLogic components, specifically a carbon handlebar and seatpost.


The SuperLogic Carbon Evolution handlebar is a lighter version of Ritchey’s Evolution model. The one that’s sitting on our desk weighs a feathery 185g for a bar with a 31.8mm oversize clamping area and 41cm centre-centre width.

41cm? That puzzled us as well, because Ritchey say they offer the bars in 38cm, 40cm, 42cm and 44cm c-c widths. It could be that they are measuring the tops rather than the drops.

The bars are anatomically shaped and have a 131mm drop and 75mm reach. The drop position is more horizontal compared to other anatomic bars, which should suit riders with forward positions. They retail for US$384.95/€349.90

The Superlogic Carbon seatpost is similarly light, tipping our scales at just 177g for a 31.6mm diameter/350mm length unit. But the most interesting aspect of this post is the single-bolt seat clamp that is adjustable from the side, rather than from below.

It remains to be seen how good it is – Ritchey recalled their similarly designed WCS Carbon 1Bolt seatpost in January 2008 – but we’ll be sure put it through its paces.


The seatpost retails for $349.95/€269.90 and is available in 27.2mm, 30.9mm and 31.6mm diameters, and lengths ranging from 300mm to 400mm. Look for a full review of these products in an upcoming issue of Cycling Plus.