First Look: Santa Cruz Blur LT

Totally redesigned for 2008

Santa Cruz announces a totally redesigned Blur LT for 2008, to be launched near the Sea Otter Classic in mid April.


“Since its introduction in 2005, the Blur LT has gone on to become our best selling bike,” said Santa Cruz’s Mike Ferrentino. “It’s a long-legged, lightweight but surprisingly durable workhorse that defies being lumped into any one category, and is at home everywhere from mellow x-c terrain to the steepest and rockiest slices of the back of beyond. Why then, if something is so popular, so tough, and so capable, would we go and scrap it for something new?”

According to Ferrentino, no other design can be manipulated to allow the degree of change in shock rates that VPP suspension can. With regard to the new LT, the shock rates have actually been mellowed out somewhat, for a more active early suspension feel and a more linear action toward bottom-out.

“Much as we love the old LT, not long after it hit the trails, we began to pick it apart to try and find ways of making it better,” he added. “Now, after an exhaustive two years of intensive design and prototyping, we’re ready to unveil the next generation of Blur LT.”

Following suit among several brands, including Specialized, GT and Cannondale, Santa Cruz has totally redesigned both upper and lower links. The alloy lower link has grease ports and intricate labyrinth seals to operate in a clean, quiet, contaminant-free environment. The upper link is now molded from carbon fiber and the shock mount is isolated from the pivot axles. Beefy 15mm diameter pivot axles bolt into the frame on one end, and feature trick collett-heads on the other end to lock them into the frame and eliminate any chance of loosening or slop.

“The new Blur LT is a completely new frame, designed to offer sweet riding geometry when used with forks ranging from 140mm to 160mm travel,” Ferrentino said. “Formed tubing offers a lower standover height and a new rear swingarm is super stiff while offering ample tire clearance.”


Look for the new Santa Cruz Blur LT in mid-April, right around the Sea Otter Classic, in the usual array of powdercoat colors as well as anodized black and skidmark. Retail prices start at US$1,750 (frame and Fox Float R shock, powdercoat finish) and US$1,950 (frame and Fox Float R shock, anodized finish).