First look: SoundofMotion VeloComputer

Turns your mobile into a cycle computer

VeloComputer is a piece of software that turns your mobile phone into a cycle computer.


It uses the built-in GPS found in many new phones to calculate speed and distance travelled, and can output data on Google Maps.

Strap it to your leg using a special sports holder and it can even work out your cadence.

It’ll give an audible warning when your speed or cadence drops below a set level, allowing you to keep your eyes on the road, not the phone.

And you can even programme custom sounds – we’re hoping to set ours up to say “Yes, you’re riding like a pro! Very well done you huge legend” when we hit 60mph.

VeloComputer costs US$14.99 and works with the following phones: BlackBerry Storm; Sony Ericsson C905, W760, 715 and most of the latest models; LG KC910 Renoir; Nokia N97.


We’re strapping it to our thigh as we speak, and will have a full review soon.