First schools finish Virtual Bike Race

61,497 cycle journeys in 6 days

Sustrans' Virtual Bike Race encourages people to cycle to school

Wellington Primary in Tower Hamlets, London are leading this year’s Virtual Bike Race, which aims to encourage pupils, parents and staff to cycle to school.


Just five days into the four-week challenge, they’d racked up enough ‘virtual kilometres’ (see below) to complete the 8,408km ‘virtual route’ around Sustrans’ National Cycle Network.

But that doesn’t mean the race is over – their victory has yet to be officially confirmed because not all of the 400-plus schools have submitted their daily counts, and the runners-up are still competing for local and regional prizes.

The way the challenge works is that ‘virtual kilometres’ are awarded for each cycle commute – to keep things fair, the number varies depending on the size of the school – and schools have to accrue enough of these to complete an 8,408km ‘virtual route’ around the UK. So far, a total of 61,497 cycle journeys have been made.


Top prize is a visit from the MAD Mountain Bike Display Team, and there are seven regional prizes of a workstand and toolbox. For more details, visit the Virtual Bike Race website.