First wireless electric bike to launch in US

It's innovative, but it's no looker

Canadian company Daymak claim to have developed the world’s first wireless electric bike. Named the Shadow eBike, it’s set to launch in the US in July.


At first glance it looks like a typical supermarket BSO (Bike Shaped Object), with a Y-shaped frame, spindly and braceless suspension fork, clunky-looking finishing kit, 26in disc wheels and a basic single-pivot rear end which rotates around the bottom bracket (and looks likely to have seatpost/shock clearance issues).

However, somewhere within this unpromising exterior lurks a wirelessly controlled pedal assist electric motor with a range of 40km-100km (depending on battery type). Top speed is limited to 32km/h (20mph).

Disc brakes are hidden within the wheels and are also operated wirelessly, while a regenerative function uses braking energy to recharge the battery. All this technology comes at a cost though, in terms of both weight (59lb/26kg) and price (US$1,499, for the alloy frame/500W motor option).

Daymak vice president Michael Chow said: “Having sold e-bikes for over seven years, we’ve identified two key challenges that stood in the way of optimal reliability and ease of use. The

Daymak Drive

-powered Shadow eBike resolves both issues.

“First, most e-bikes today have over 30ft of wires dangling on them, which if damaged or cut will affect the bike’s functioning. By removing all outer wires from the frame, the Shadow resolves this challenge, making it exceptionally durable and easy to use. The Shadow eBike also has wireless support for the brakes, throttle and pedal system.

“Second, many e-bikes today feature imported controllers which aren’t stable when subject to weight over 170lb on steeper inclines. The proprietary, patent pending

Daymak Drive

, developed and designed in Canada, addresses this challenge by producing more torque and faster speeds with greater energy efficiency.”


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