Five must visit stands at the London Bike Show

Pay a visit to these gems at the London Bike Show this weekend

Doors have opened at the London Bike Show at the ExCeL exhibition centre this afternoon and among the great stands from Giant, Canyon, Rapha, Boardman and Science in Sport, we’ve found these gems that are well worth putting on your itinerary.


Tri UK

Weight weenie roadies should head straight for the TriUK stand (LB1527) where the concentration of light kit will leave you shaking your head in amazement. Once past the 4.8kg Munich Composites urban bike, beloved of Orlando Bloom and Lady Gaga apparently, there’s the range of Olympia bikes bedecked in Schmolke, Tune and THM components to drool over. Ask the team to take the Olympia 849 off the stand. It’s ridiculous.


The ashmei caravan – a designer pod for designer merino gear:
Sam Dansie/BikeRadar

Ashmei makes some seriously stylish road cycling kit including jerseys, bib shorts, jackets, socks and other items. Most of UK designed clothing makes use of merino wool. The stand is well worth a visit just to see the 1964 caravan pod (LB120) that was done up by Stuart Brooke the founder and designer of Ashmei.


Visit wattbike to experience power training on their fleet of static bikes:
Sam Dansie/BikeRadar

Head to the Wattbike stand and have a go on one of their flash static trainers that measure power and analyse your pedal stroke. The guys will give you a full rundown about how to train with power too. Once you’ve worked up a sweat, visit H2Prohydrate in the corner who will offer an app-based sweat test to assess your electrolyte loss and whether you need to alter the proportions of electrolyte you swig

Crossrail Exchanging Places

Visit the crossrail stand to see just how little a construction truck driver can see around their cabin:
Visit the Crossrail stand to see just how little a construction truck driver can see around their cabin.

This is London, and if you’re a commuter who battles the capital’s tipper trucks, visit the Crossrail Exchanging Places stand (LB1560) to see what a truck driver sees – or, rather doesn’t – when they’re in the cab. The experience is eye-opening and you’ll be a safer rider because of it.

Empire Cycles

Empire bikes have created what they claim is the first titanium 3d printed bike – a replica of the mx6-evo:
Sam Dansie/BikeRadar


In a small unassuming booth (LB1020) stands what’s claimed a world first – a full 3D printed titanium enduro mountain bike. The frame – a replica of the Empire MX6-Evo  –  is well worth a look and Chris Williams who designed the bike is happy to give visitors a history of the extraordinary piece of gear