Five of the prettiest Italian road bikes

Beautiful bikes from De Rosa, Bianchi, Colnago and more

There’s just something about Italian design. Be it Ferrari cars, Ducati motorcycles or Prada shoes, the desirability factor that Italian brands command is rarely equaled. The same can also be said for Italy’s bicycle manufacturers and that’s exactly what we are touching on in this top five video.


Cast aside your thoughts on stiffness, aerodynamics, weight and equipment specs, because here we are getting shallow — it’s all about the look.

Quite simply, we’ve plucked out five of our favourite Italian bicycles graded on their beauty alone. Starring bikes from De Rosa, Bianchi, Colnago, Pinarello and Wilier, it could well be the best four minutes of your week so far.

De Rosa SK Pininfarina

Produced as a collaboration with Italian design house Pininfarina, this De Rosa SK will turn heads

Italian design house Pininfarina is best known for its work with cars, producing bold and beautiful concepts and production models for many of the world’s most popular manufacturers. This collaboration with De Rosa isn’t as well known but is no less special.

Bianchi Oltre XR4

Bianchi’s Oltre XR4 finish in the firm’s legendary celeste green
The Oltre XR4 with its swoopy aero lines and legendary celeste paint finish is another stunner well worth of its inclusion in this list.

Colnago Concept

The Concept was Colnago’s first production aero road bike
The Concept aero road bike from Colnago is designed to both look and feel good, while plenty of clever innovations are tucked among the beautiful black and gold exterior.

Pinarello Dogma F8

The looks of Pinarello’s Dogma F8 are known to divide opinion
The curvaceous Pinarello Dogma is now in its 8th iteration for 2017, and although the looks tend to divide opinion, there are still plenty of people who rate this as one of the prettiest — as well as the most successful — of bikes on sale today.

Wilier Cento 10 Air

Wilier’s sleek and sexy Cento 10 Air
Another aero road bike but this time from Wilier, the Cento 10 Air is the company’s slipperiest bike to date. From front to back it’s a machine that stands out, just look for yourself.

Five of the prettiest Italian road bikes