Fixie Inc BlackJack & Peacemaker roll in

More sleek singlespeeds from Germany

Here’s some more blatant one-speed bike porn from Fixie Inc: the BlackJack and Peacemaker models.


UK importer Mosquito Bikes’ honch Phil Burnett’s threadbare excuse for sending us these pics is that these machines have just landed at Mossie HQ and are therefore available in exchange for a small wodge of your English pounds.

The Peacemaker is £415 for a frame and £1050 for a complete bike with the Car Scratcher handlebars, while the BlackJack frameset comes in at £595 or £1360 for a complete bike with Brooks finishing kit. (£1190 with standard finishing kit).

However, we think that Phil realizes we’re dreadful suckers for shiny fixies. And, well, yes, guilty as charged.

The lowdown on these bikes is that the Peacemaker  is Fixie Inc’s original bike and features lots of chrome and polished aluminium: Truvativ silver stem, seatpost and Omnium crankset, polished aluminium forks and the trademark Fixie Inc polished Rigida rims, all on a lugless steel frame. It’s a street bike with attitude, says Phil.


The Blackjack is even more fanatical in its attention to detail and manages the rare trick of being a great-looking brown bike we’ve ever seen. The honey-coloured Brooks saddle doesn’t hurt though.