The new Fizik Terra Atlas is a shoe for gravel riding, mountain biking and more

The new Atlas is Fizik's most versatile shoe yet

Fizik Terra Atlas X5 hero

Fizik has released the new Terra Atlas shoe, described by the brand as “possibly the most versatile shoe in our entire range”.


Fizik claims the Atlas Terra is suitable for a wide range of off-road riding. In fact, there appears to be little it can’t do, with Fizik stating it’s an all-rounder suitable for all-mountain, singletrack, downcountry, backcountry and gravel.

The new shoe is based on the brand’s Terra X5 mountain bike shoes, but has a number of adaptations, with the design apparently informed by feedback from riders taking on “every possible type of terrain”. Key changes include a roomier fit and grippier sole, with a promise of greater comfort.

The Terra Atlas retails for £159 / $159 / €159 and is available now.

Improved comfort and durability

The shoes are said to balance performance and comfort.

Fizik says it has balanced performance with comfort in the new Terra Atlas and has created a new, more generous fit when compared to the existing Terra X5.

The revised fit of the Terra Atlas is said to be in part due to a new outsole and a hidden nylon footplate.

The outsole is slightly wider than the Terra X5, while the nylon footplate overlaps on the side of the upper, according to Fizik.

This creates extra room in the shoe, Fizik says, but it’s not roomy enough to be considered a wide fit.

The Terra Atlas is also said to be well ventilated without sacrificing protection, due to a TPU overlay on the toecap.

In terms of retention, the Terra Atlas forgoes the combination of a Boa dial and Velcro strap, as seen on the Terra X5, and instead has a single Boa dial.

The Boa dial lace extends further down the top of the Atlas, with three sets of loops as opposed to the two sets of loops on the regular Terra X5.

Presumably, this secures the lower section of the shoe as Velcro would, even if not providing differentiation of fit across the shoe’s upper.

More grip and traction

The Fizik Terra Atlas sole has deep lugs and a rubber coating.

As well as creating a more generous fit, the new outsole is also said to improve grip and traction. It has a rubber coating across the whole surface, including the mid-foot, with deep-set lugs and removable toe studs.

The heel platform of the shoe is wider than on the Terra X5 shoe, according to Fizik, to provide a secure and firm grip, making the shoe suitable for “hiking with a fully loaded bike, or chilling with a post-ride brew”.

Fizik clearly has bikepacking adventures and gravel riding in mind with the Terra Atlas. While the existing Terra X5 is pitched primarily as a mountain bike shoe, we’ve previously rated it as one of the best shoes for gravel riding, so will see how this latest Atlas version compares.

The use of a nylon footplate and outsole in the Terra Atlas differs from the Terra X5, which had a carbon sole. The sole on the Atlas is compatible with two-bolt SPD-style cleats.

The shoe comes in four different colourways.

Fizik says the nylon insole “ensures efficient pedalling” and gives the shoe a stiffness index of 5, but it hasn’t gone into specifics or provided any data to back this up.

Most brands have a ‘stiffness index’ of sorts, which gives an indication of how rigid a sole is compared to other shoes in the range, but there’s no standardisation from one brand to the next. Besides, shoe stiffness may not be that important, and not least on an all-round shoe such as this.

The shoe has a claimed weight of 355g without a footbed.


It comes in four colours: black/black, Army/black, grey/black, pink/Grape/black.