Focus launches Cayo Al Disc

Alloy version adds all-weather practicality

Somewhat overshadowed by the headline-grabbing Izalco Max Disc, German manufacturer Focus has also launched a new line of alloy bikes to replace its longstanding Culebro model.


The Cayo Al Disc shares its geometry with the carbon Cayo Disc, a bike we’ve spent a lot of time on in various configurations and really grown to like. When the Cayo Disc first launched, we lamented the lack of mudguard fittings which, on a bike pitched at the entry to mid-level, would have been very welcome. The Cayo Al Disc gets these on the rear at least, and adds a seatstay bridge to make mounting easier.

Mudguard mounts add versatility…: mudguard mounts add versatility…
Matthew Allen / Immediate Media

Focus has yet to confirm precise specs but is planning three version of the Cayo Al Disc: a 105 build with hydraulic discs, a Tiagra build with mechanical calipers, and a Tiagra-equipped women’s model called the Cayo Al Disc Donna. This last one will feature different finishing kit, and “specific colours”, which may or may not be pink.

Pricing is to be confirmed, but with the current carbon Cayo Disc starting at £1999 / US$3,000 with a full SRAM Rival 22 hydraulic setup, we’re expecting it to be fairly competitive.


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