Focus on shredding with new, automated e-MTB mode from Bosch

Software update means e-bike will only work hard when you do

Bosch has just announced that it’s releasing a software update for its Performance Line CX motors that sees the long-standing ‘Sport’ mode replaced with a dynamic ‘e-MTB’ mode.


The new mode works by detecting the amount of pressure a rider is placing through the pedals, which in turn automatically adjusts the level of assistance the motor provides between 120 and 300%.

Responding “almost instantaneously,” the new mode is said to improve the level of control a rider has while on the bike, particularly in slow-speed and uphill sections. This is a large step away from the generally on/off nature of e-bike modes that are currently available.

The automated nature of the new e-MTB mode will also mean that you can remain focused on shredding the gnar without having to worry about switching between modes.

The new mode only requires a firmware update

Unlocked potential?

The fact the new mode can be implemented via a software update is particularly interesting as it suggest there is capability built into the Performance Line CX system — and perhaps others — which has not yet been realised.

The e-bike motor giant has so far made no claims as to how the new mode will alter battery life.

The e-MTB mode can be retrofitted via a software update to any e-bike that is uses a Bosch Performance Line CX motor and will be available via dealers from July onwards.


What do you think of this new development? Will you continue to eschew all things assisted, or do you revel at the idea of tackling ever-more challenging climbs with ease? As always, leave your comments in the thoughts below.