Folding, leg-powered scooter set for launch

Steel SwiftyONE designed for spins around town

Fed up with the bike commute? Neither are we. But just as a change, here’s another way to get around town on two wheels – the SwiftyONE scooter.


The 7.8kg folding, steel scooter, made by Manchester-based Swifty Scooters, is designed for getting around flat towns and cities. Its makers – husband and wife team Jason and Camilla Iftakhar – reckon with its 16” wheels and responsive steering, it’s as fast on the flat as a bike (we’re not sure how). 

They also claim it’s the world’s first high-end folding scooter and rather than being carried like a folding bike, it packs up to roll on its front wheel. The £450 scooter comes in one-size only, with adjustable handlebars up to a maximum height of 110cm keeping things in proportion. It comes in three colours – black, white and blue – plus a variety orange or silver rims. It’s meant for adults and isn’t supposed to be used by under 14s. There’s also a 100kg weight limit, which may mean some hours on an actual bike if you want to try one but are struggling to make the limit.

Most of the parts, including the frame and fork, are designed and made in Britain – though some parts are internationally sourced. The finished scooter is then put together in the pair’s Salford workshop.


Tomorrow (10 November) sees the official launch of the SwiftyONE between 6-9pm at the Lifestyle Bazaar store in Shoreditch, London, and will be on display until Christmas. For more information, visit their website.