‘Follow Me’ now available as worldwide download

Watch 'best bike DVD we've seen this year' in full HD on your computer

Follow Me has been available as a digital download via iTunes in the US and Canada for a while, but is finally now available in the rest of the world

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We declared that Follow Me, the first offering from Anthill Films, was the best bike DVD we’d seen so far this year when we reviewed it in June.

Now, in response to customer demand, it’s being made available as a digital download outside North America for the first time. You can buy the film direct from www.anthillfilms.com in full HD for CA$9.99 (around £6.25). 

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Efforts to make the film available worldwide via iTunes (as in the US and Canada) have failed, but this solution means all of the money will go to Anthill, helping them to make more movies.