Fondriest 2013 road bikes – Eurobike 2012 video

Maurizio Fondriest gives us the inside on the TFZERO and TF2

The TF2 is Maurizio Fondriest's 'baby', having being involved closely in its design and testing

We were keen to take a look at what Fondriest has in store for the coming year at Eurobike 2012 and who better to show us than the man himself, the 1988 World Champion Maurizio Fondriest.


Still a keen cyclist, the Italian works constantly with his engineers during the design and testing process of the bikes, which are made in Italy. The video below sees Fondriest talking to Cycling Plus Editor Rob Spedding about the top two road bikes in the range, the 800g race-orientated TFZERO and his ‘baby’, the TF2.

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