For Goodness Shakes unveil Nectar Fuel Cell

Compact design at heart of 'LiquiGel' sachets

Nectar Fuel Cell comes in a compact, palm-sized sachet

For Goodness Shakes continue to make their mark on the sports nutrition market with the launch of Nectar Fuel Cell.


Hot on the heels of Nectar energy drink and Hydro hydration tablets, Fuel Cell is a 40ml ‘LiquiGel’, a halfway house between gel and liquid. It’s designed to be compact so you can cram as many as possible into your jersey.


Each sachet contains 20g of carbohydrate and 80kcal of energy and come in orange, lemon lime, summer fruits and blackcurrant flavours. A single gel costs £1.50 or £36 for a pack of 24 from leading cycle retailers.