Fort Collins to host Colorado’s biggest cycling event of 2011

Echelon Gran Fondo teams up with city's bike festival

The Echelon Gran Fondo Cycling Series is partnering with the Fort Collins Cycling Festival (FCCF) to produce Colorado’s largest cycling event on 19-21 August 2011

The Echelon Gran Fondo series has teamed up with Fort Collins Cycling Festival to produce Colorado’s biggest cycling event of 2011.


As well as 30-, 60- and 100-mile mass-start rides, the itinerary will include a criterium, road race and handcycling competition. These events on 19-21 August will coincide with Bohemian Nights, Fort Collins’ annual free music festival.

“We’re excited about entering Fort Collins,” said Hunter Ziesing, Echelon’s executive director. “The city is clearly wanting to become the next best cycling town and invite those from Colorado and beyond.”

FCCF organizer Charlie Weinbeck said: “The Echelon events offer exactly what we need for a citizen’s challenge which will be held on some of the most beautiful roads in the state, including the spectacular sweep up Rist Canyon.”

Echelon have five other events planned for 2011, in Tucson, Napa, Seattle, Palo Alto and Portland, Oregon. Each combines riding, racing and fundraising, along with what the organizers call a “Tour de France-like frivolity”.


Fort Collins Cycling Festival aims to create educational, entertaining and environmentally-sustainable cycling events with as much community involvement as possible.