Four new Michelin treads to help you shred

Double- and triple-compound tires for cross-country, trail and enduro

After a successful launch of new road tires, Michelin has now released four updated mountain bike tires. Ranging from cross-country to enduro, the idea is to offer “a straightforward selection in a market that has become very hazy,” according to Michelin’s marketing VP Ross Shields. 

Lots of wheels, lots of tires
Wil Matthews


Built with smooth, fast cross-country rides in mind, the Jet XCR is Michelin’s fastest MTB tire. Developed with Team BH (who were the 2016 UCI World Cup champions), the minimal tread pattern rolls quickly. 

The Jet XCR is Michelin’s cross country competition tire. The low weight and minimal tread should roll fast
Wil Matthews

The Jet XCR uses Michelin’s Gum X2D, which is a combination of Race compound under the tread and an outer compound that is said to maximize traction and braking.

Punctures are kept at bay thanks to the three-layer 150 TPI carcass and Michelin’s Race Shield Technology.

27.5- and 29-inch sizes with width choices of 2.1- and 2.25-inches are available.

Force XC

A combination of three rubbers gives the Force XC improved grip, performance, and puncture resistance, Michelin claims. 

The Force XC is designed for the new breed of cross country riding and racing
Wil Matthews

Additional tech includes Cross Shield Technology, which Michelin alleges makes the Force XC lighter, stronger and longer-lasting. The tire uses a 3×110 TPI carcass and reinforced, high-density casing.

Sizes for the Force XC include 26-, 27.5- and 29in and widths of 2.1- and 2.25in.

Force AM

The Force AM is the new trail and all-mountain tire. Like the lighter duty Force XC, it’s comprised of three rubber compounds.  

Bridging the gap between XC and trail is the Force AM
Wil Matthews

Trail Shield Technology is built to be a strong and resilient mix with a 3×60 TPI carcass and a reinforced, high-density casing to give the Force AM tire extra strength and durability. 

Sizes include 26-, 27.5- and 29-inch with widths of 2.25- and 2.35-inches.

Wild AM

The Wild AM is the new all-mountain/enduro tire. Michelin touts improved grip and traction as well as improved braking thanks to a mix of three rubbers, called Gum 3XD. 

The Wild AM is an enduro ready tire
Wil Matthews

The Wild AM features Michelin’s Trail Shield, which is a 3×60 TPI casing for added durability.


Sizes include 27.5- and 29 x 2.35-inch. There are even e-bike ready versions that incorporate a tougher casing for carrying heavier loads.

Michelin MTB tire pricing and availability

The Force XC and AM tires should be available in May, with the Wild AM coming in June, and the Jet XCR in October.
Pricing has not yet been determined.