Fox 2018 suspension updates: what you need to know

Gravel forks and more affordable Step Cast forks, a new 36 and revised suspension tunes

We’re only four months into 2017 but Fox is ready to take the covers off its model year 2018 forks and shocks. Here are the highlights of the 2018 Fox suspension line.


Step Cast trickles down

The SC32 line becomes more affordable for 2018

With a weight starting at just 2.98lb / 1.35kg, the Fox SC 32 is the lightest suspension fork Fox has ever produced.

This lightweight suspension fork, aimed at cross-country racers, is no longer limited to the highest end Factory level. The company is now offering the Step Cast chassis, with its narrower stance and relieved lower legs, and all of those features designed to shave grams, in more budget-friendly levels.

The SC 32 Performance Elite is available with the same FIT4 cartridge damper and 7000 series alloy sliders as the Factory fork, but uses black anodizing on the sliders, rather than the gold Kashima-coating that’s intended to reduce friction. 

The next trim level down is the SC Performance fork, which uses the same Step Cast lowers as the higher-end models with a FIT GRIP damper, which offers less adjustability than the FIT4 damper, and black anodized 6000 series alloy sliders.

Fox SC 32 series pricing ranges from $1,569 to $729. (UK and Australian pricing TBC.)

Fox goes gravel

Fox has repurposed the Step Cast fork for gravel bikes

While we’re on the subject of the SC 32 line, let’s take another look at the new Fox AX Adventure Fork.

This fork is the product of some tinkering by Fox employees. It’s based on a 27.5in SC32 chassis with the travel reduced from 100mm to 40mm to bring the axle-to-crown measurement in line with cyclocross/gravel forks.

Though based on a 27.5in/650b chassis, this fork can clear a 700x40c tire.

For 2018, the Adventure Cross fork will only be offered in a Performance Elite version with FIT4 damper. In uses the 100x15mm thru-axle standard, but it would not be surprising to see a 100x12mm version in the future.

It will retail for $819 when it becomes available in May. (UK and Australian pricing TBC.)

Fox 36

The 36 series gets a host of tweaks intended to improve its performance

Fox has updated its class-leading all-mountain / enduro fork with a new EVOL air spring, which has one less seal than previous designs, resulting in less friction. The EVOL’s spring curve can be fine-tuned using volume spacers to make the fork more linear or more progressive.

The Fox 36 is available with the ultra-tunable FIT HSC/LSC damper as well as the three-position FIT 4 and FIT GRIP dampers.

The 36 is offered in 150mm, 160mm and 170mm versions for 27.5in wheels; 150mm and 160mm versions for 29in wheels; and 100mm (831 version for dirt jump/slalom), 160mm and 180mm versions for 26in wheels.

Fox also offers a version of the 36 with a reinforced chassis for e-bikes.

Fox Float DPS

The Float DPS shock is said to have better small bump sensitivity

Fox’s signature in-line shock receives a host of refinements for 2018.

A one-piece EVOL air sleeve sheds weight and improves sensitivity.

Fox updated the valve design, which is claimed to improve oil flow through rebound and compression.

It is also available in imperial and metric sizing to fit the widest range of frames possible.

Fox Float X

The Float X sees a boost in oil volume, which should improve performance on sustained descents

The Float X shock follows in the footsteps of the Float DPS with an updated damping tune.

This piggyback air shock has also been updated with more oil volume to aid in dissipating heat.

Fox Float X2

The 2018 Float X2 has a refined oil circuit

This hard-hitting air shock now gets a refined oil path to improve rebound and compression damping. Its seals have been redesigned to reduce friction.

Like the Float DPS, the X2 is now available in imperial and metric sizing. 

Fox DHX2

The DHX2 is now available in imperial and metric sizing

This coil, suited to gravity as well as enduro racing, receives many of the same improvements as the air-sprung X2. The oil paths have been refined, there are new friction-fighting seals and it can be had in imperial and metric sizing.


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