Fox adds ‘Kabolt’ bolt-on 15mm thru-axle option

Former pro-only option available soon in 100 and 110mm versions

The pro-only Kabolt bolt-on axle will soon be available to the masses

Back in 2010, World Cup cross-country racer Geoff Kabush asked the Fox Racing Applications Development team for a lighter, bolt-on 15mm thru-axle axle. Other Fox-sponsored athletes, including slopestyle and enduro races, were also interested, and so the ‘Kabolt’ was born.


Until now, this bolt-on axle was a pro-only item, but starting this June, anyone looking to shave grams from their QR15 Fox fork can buy one for US$45. (UK and Australian pricing have yet to be announced.)

The Kabolt uses a 6mm hex key for installation and removal, and while it does make wheel changes slightly more involved, it’s also lighter than the QR15 system Fox uses for its 32- and 34-series forks. The claimed weight of a 100mm Kabolt is 34.5g, which is 40g lighter than a comparable QR15 thru-axle. In addition to shaving grams, the Kabolt also reduces the axle’s exposure to trail obstacles, reducing the likelihood of banging it against rocks on tight and twisty trails. 

Fox will also offer the Kabolt in 110mm spacing for its recently released 110mm-spaced Float 34 fork designed for the 27.5+ platform.

Black axles will be available in June and orange versions will follow suit in August.


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