Fox launches suspension tools for fork service

Top cap sockets and seal drivers for shops and suspension-savvy consumers

Fox is adding suspension service tools to its line. The suspension company recently launched a series of top cap sockets and seal drivers for consumers and shops.

The Fox top cap sockets designed to fit snugly without marring the topcaps

The top cap sockets use a common 3/8in square drive. Unlike standard sockets you can find at your local hardware store, there’s no chamfered edge on these low-profile sockets, which can lead to the marring of alloy top caps.

The top of these six-point sockets is knurled for improved finger grip.

Fox offers top cap sockets in 26mm (32 Series forks), 28mm (34 Series forks), and 32mm (36 and 40 Series forks) for $25/£20/AU$33 each.

In addition to top cap sockets, Fox is also offering seal drivers to ease the install dust wipers. Fox offers these Derlin seal drivers in 32, 34, 36 and 40mm versions to fit all its suspension forks.

The seal drivers come diameters to fit every Fox fork

Pricing for the seal drivers is set at $30/£25/AU$27.


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